About this site

The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation supports the creation and maintenance of GTFS for many transit agencies in Virginia. Several other transit agencies maintain GTFS outside of this effort. This website contains download links for GTFS feeds in Virginia.

What is GTFS?

GTFS is an acronym for the General Transit Feed Specification. GTFS defines a common standard for public transportation schedules and associated geographic, fare, and service calendar information.  Learn more by reading the documentation for GTFS.

GTFS data is used in many applications that present public transportation information, such as  trip planners and maps. The data is also analyzed by transportation planners and researchers.

More information:

  • The gtfs.org best practices page provides recommended practices for describing public transportation services in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS).
  • MobilityData is the organization that facilitates ongoing development of GTFS. The Slack space is a space for spec and industry discussion.
  • The GTFS-changes email list is a discussion forum regarding the GTFS and proposed modifications.
  • The GTFS Github site is a repository to discuss the spec, suggest changes, or raise issues.
  • The Mobility Database and Transit.land provide download links for GTFS data for public transportation agencies worldwide.

Mapping with GTFS

GTFS data includes files that contain geographic information that can be imported into and used in a variety of geospatial analysis platforms. There are several tools and websites available that allow one to convert these text files into more common geometry formats.

Transit service(s) / regionData feed URLLicense agreement
DASH - City of Alexandriahttp://dashbus.com/google_transit.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Altavista Community Transit Systemhttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/altavista-va-us/altavista-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Arlington Transithttps://www.arlingtontransit.com/shared/content/gtfs/art/google_transit.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Bay Transithttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/baytransit-va-us/baytransit-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Blacksburg Transithttp://www.bt4uclassic.org/gtfs/google_transit.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Blackstone Area Bus Servicehttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/blackstone-va-us/blackstone-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Bristol Virginia Transithttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/bristol-va-us/bristol-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Britehttp://britebus.org/gtfs/brite.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Charlottesville Area Transithttps://api.transloc.com/gtfs/charlottesville.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Fairfax City-University-Energysaver Bushttps://www.fairfaxva.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/19191/637855188504310763Subject to terms and guidelines above.
Danville Mass Transithttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/danville-va-us/danville-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Mountain Lynx Transithttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/districtthree-va-us/districtthree-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Fairfax Connector Bus Systemhttps://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/connector/sites/connector/files/assets/connector_gtfs.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Farmville Area Bushttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/farmville-va-us/farmville-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Four County Transithttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/fourcounty-va-us/fourcounty-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Fredericksburg Regional Transithttps://www.arcgis.com/sharing/rest/content/items/d1483daba66d43358e29682c91907817/dataSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Greensville-Emporia Transithttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/get-va-us/get-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Greater Lynchburg Transit Companyhttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/gltc-lynchburg-va-us/gltc-lynchburg-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Graham Transithttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/grahamtransit-va-us/grahamtransit-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Hampton Roads Transithttps://gtfs.gohrt.com/gtfs/google_transit.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Harrisonburg Transithttp://harrisonburgva.gov/sites/default/files/Transit/files/gtfs/google_transit_Working%20%281%29.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
JAUNT Inchttps://ridejaunt.org/gtfs/Subject to terms and guidelines above.
Loudoun County Transithttps://www.loudoun.gov/loudountransitgtfsSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Petersburg Area Transithttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/petersburg-va-us/petersburg-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Pony Expresshttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/ponyexpress-va-us/ponyexpress-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Omniridehttp://omniride.com/omniride/assets/File/google_transit.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Pulaski Area Transithttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/pulaski-va-us/pulaski-va-us.zipLicense agreement
RADARhttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/radar-va-us/radar-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Radford Transithttps://passio3.com/radford/passioTransit/gtfs/google_transit.zipLicense agreement
Greater Richmond Transit Companyhttp://ridegrtc.com/gtfs-files-overview/License agreement
STAR Transit-VAhttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/startransit-va-us/startransit-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Suffolk Transithttps://www.suffolkva.us/DocumentCenter/View/5568/Suffolk-Transit-GTFSSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Valley Metrohttps://ridesolutions.org/gtfs/roanoke-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Virginia Regional Transithttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/vatransit-va-us/vatransit-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Virginia Breezehttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/virginiabreeze-va-us/virginiabreeze-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Virginia Railway Expresshttp://www.vre.org/gtfs/google_transit.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Williamsburg Area Transit Authorityhttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/williamsburg-va-us/williamsburg-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
Winchester Transithttps://data.trilliumtransit.com/gtfs/wintran-va-us/wintran-va-us.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.
WMATAhttps://api.wmata.com/gtfs/bus-gtfs-static.zipSubject to terms and guidelines above.

Terms and guidelines for use of GTFS data

Depending on the agency, the data linked on this website may be available through a license agreement or without a license agreement. Check individual agency websites or the feed download site for further information. Neither the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, nor its contractor (Trillium Solutions, Inc.), nor any transit agencies listed here guarantee the accuracy of any data linked from this website. Any and all data is provided as-is.

  • GTFS data is provided without warranties.
  • No availability guarantees are expressed or implied.
  • The agencies retain full rights to the data.
  • The agencies reserve the right to use their respective logos. 3rd party applications may NOT display agency logos without prior authorization. Unless otherwise specified, logos are an indicator only for official, agency-supplied materials.
  • 3rd party applications should be presented as such. Unless other arrangements supersede, 3rd party applications should not be presented as being endorsed by, or affiliated with Virginia DRPT or individual transit agencies.

Reporting errors and issues

If you have difficulty accessing GTFS data, have a question, or notice an error in a GTFS dataset, submit a support request (please note the location of the feed that your request concerns).